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6 Fun, Social, and Mind-Expanding Games to Play During Your Lunch Hour

Lots of us let our lunch breaks pass by without any excitement. We simply scroll on our phones and stay trapped in a digital bubble.

It’s better for your brain and your social skills to engage with others while you refuel in the middle of the day, so why not consider playing one of the following games with colleagues, whether in-person or remotely, to reap the benefits?

Playing Chess: A Classic Game for Strategic Minds

Chess is a game of strategy and patience, a classic that has stood the test of time. It can feel like an intense battle, or it may be a gentle war of wit between friends. Easy to learn yet hard to master, this mighty game sharpens your mind by pushing you to think several moves ahead.

It even offers benefits beyond entertainment, as chess impacts cognitive skills positively and enhances problem-solving abilities as well, all within your lunch hour! So why not set up a board and invite colleagues for some midday mental gymnastics?

Unleash Your Creativity with Pictionary

Pictionary provides an excellent opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and challenge none other than yourself. Requiring nothing more than pen, paper, and a good dose of imagination, it’s a game where drawing skills are secondary to how well you can communicate ideas through simple sketches.

Moreover, it is a superb way to foster camaraderie and collaboration as teams scramble to guess what the sketch represents in record time. Infused with japes and healthy competition, such sessions over lunch not only act as stress-busters but also allow different thinkers within a team to shine brightly.

Tap Into Teamwork with Trivial Pursuit

If you’ve ever thought about putting your general knowledge skills to the test while having lunch, then Trivial Pursuit might just be your game. Blending fun, information, and healthy competition in equal parts, this game can transform ordinary lunch breaks into extraordinary social bonding sessions.

Organize players into teams to foster better cooperation and add a dash of intellectual rigor to casual conversation. It’s an unassuming way of learning something new every day and engaging varied minds while promoting teamwork.

Scrabble: The Perfect Blend of Entertainment and Brainpower

Imagine transforming a lazy lunch break into an exciting cerebral workout with Scrabble. This classic word game is perfect for those who fancy flexing their linguistic muscles while enjoying sandwiches. And if you’re a newcomer, you can become a Scrabble expert using Wordtips‘ word finder, giving you a fighting chance against more experienced players.

On top of encouraging strategic thinking, Scrabble has the charm of bringing together people from various backgrounds in friendly competition, making it ideal for corporate camaraderie over meals or casual virtual hangouts with pals in different corners of the world.

Experience Fast-Paced Fun with the Card Game Speed

For a swift and exhilarating lunchtime diversion, why not try your hand at Speed? This card game is aptly named for its pace. It requires players to think fast on their feet while keeping the energy high across every high-speed round.

If you’re new to this, here’s a basic rundown of how it works. Using just a standard deck of cards split between two players, each participant aims to play all their cards before the opponent does. The trick lies in setting down your cards either one rank higher or lower than the ones placed in the middle piles, and there are no turns, so anticipation coupled with swift action wins the day!

Whether facing off against colleagues during lunch break or joining an online match against international competitors, Speed offers rapid-fire fun that leaves everyone laughing.

Expanding Horizons Through Exploding Kittens

In the realm of lunch hour gaming options, Exploding Kittens stands out as a truly unique choice. As fun to play as it is intriguingly named, this game brings together elements of Russian Roulette and Uno with an added whimsical twist.

The rules are straightforward. If you draw an exploding kitten card, you’re out unless saved by a defuse card. Expect engaging stratagem and many suspenseful moments filled with hilarity across the table or online.

Wrapping Up

Making lunch hour gaming a regular event is worth it for all sorts of reasons, so now you know which games to consider playing, take the plunge and actually start enjoying them together.

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