person holding gift

It’s important that your business embraces employee recognition to show how much you appreciate your workforce.

In turn, recognition can lead to higher employee retention, happier workers, and improved productivity.

Just remember to recognize your remote employees as well as those that work at your premises. After all, remote workers can already feel less like part of the group. So, it’s important that you remember to recognize their achievements and contributions just as much as you do others in your workforce.

One of the best ways to recognize remote workers and demonstrate that you are thankful and pleased with the hard work they put in is to give them small but meaningful gifts at certain times, such as when they successfully complete projects or go above and beyond the call of duty.

But what kinds of small gifts are suitable for your remote team members? Here are four great options that you’ll want to consider.

1. A Food Hamper

Remote employees miss out on those times when you celebrate team victories at your workplace with a bottle of wine and some delicious snacks. So, a food hamper is one small gift that’s sure to be very much appreciated by remote team members.

Choose items to go inside the hamper that you know the team member will appreciate, to make the gift extra meaningful.

For instance, if you know someone has a sweet tooth, you can focus on sending a hamper full of chocolates or pastries. Or, if you know your team member doesn’t drink alcohol, you could include bottles of nonalcoholic beverages.

By keying the hamper to team members’ personal tastes, you can ensure your gift is meaningful and warmly received.

2. A Photo Calendar of Images from a Company Away Day

To help remote workers feel more like part of the team, it’s a good idea to send them gifts that act as reminders that they are valuable team members.

For instance, if the employees have participated in company away days during the year, in which they spent time with other team members, you could create a great calendar that features photos from that time.

It’s simple to create a calendar with pictures when you use an excellent online platform.

And with a personalized calendar, remote team members get to see a different meaningful photograph each month.

3. A Trophy or Award

When remote team members go the extra mile, consider giving them customized trophies or awards that have the employees’ names and accomplishments engraved on the front.

Such a gift is sure to show a remote employee just how much you value their hard work and accomplishments.

And a trophy or award is sure to be treasured for years.

Indeed, it’s likely to be kept on the employee’s desk or elsewhere in his or her home office space, so it will act as a constant reminder of how proud the employee should be and how much he or she is valued by your company. In turn, that can boost motivation and productivity.

4. A Handwritten Note

Showing a remote team member that you have taken the time out to create something personal can be one of the most meaningful gifts you can give.

So, consider writing a handwritten note of thanks to remote employees who perform exceptionally.

The personal touch will be very much appreciated. Your remote workers might even frame the notes to keep beside them while they work to remind them of their accomplishments and how valued they are by the company.