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The Best Advice You’ll Ever Come Across: Focus On Career Achievements

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You might find yourself in a situation where your work experience and education history are not enough to guarantee you an interview, leave alone the job.

The difference might come from you having a section on your resume that details your career achievements from your previous jobs.

One way of making you stand out from other candidates and following the resume best practices is ensuring that you have listed all your career achievements on your resume.

Most candidates often spend a lot of time listing their responsibilities and duties from their previous jobs.

However, they need to ensure that hiring managers can see their actions and performance since responsibilities and duties can be deduced from their job titles. 

For instance, saying “I developed software applications” is different from saying “I was named the best software developer in the company due to the quality of my applications and the feedback I got from our clients.”

So, why should you focus on your career achievements in your resume?

It Makes Your Resume Work for You

The main role of your resume should be working very hard for you to let recruitment managers know what you can offer.

Even though some key elements of a resume include your previous experience and relevant skills, you need to give evidence to the recruitment managers that you can do what they want you to do.

The evidence should come in the form of the achievements you have gained throughout your career. In addition, try to include figures and facts since recruiters will be more attentive to your resume because of the included data.

Helps You Show Your Great Work

If you were to collect a number of resumes today, you will find that a greater percentage of them are full of responsibilities and duties from previous jobs.

Some job applicants copy these responsibilities from the internet, something that portrays them as lazy since most recruitment managers know this.

Focusing on your career achievements helps you show the differences you made in your previous jobs. It helps you provide accomplishment examples and information about certain specific instances that provide proof that you were good in your previous job. 

In addition, adding your career achievements to your resume makes it easy for the recruitment managers to picture and visualize what you can do for their company and what you can make them achieve.

Helps You Include Figures and Facts

Some people find it difficult to provide proof that they did certain things in their previous jobs. However, this can be made easy by making sure that you focus more on what you have achieved throughout your career.

Obtaining additional qualifications in Occupational Safety & Health, such as the NEBOSH’s National Diploma, and including them on your resume can greatly elevate your professional profile. This highlights a strong grounding in safety and health management, ultimately strengthening your candidacy.

This is because you can deduce your achievements to certain forms of numbers. For instance, you can think of things such as the time it took you to complete certain tasks compared to the time taken previously, driving sales, cutting costs, and meeting performance expectations. These are some of the metrics that recruiters love to see on resumes.

Numbers are clear to employers, and they love them. They provide enough evidence and show that you know what you were doing in your previous jobs. This way, you will show recruitment managers that you are focused on outcomes and are a results-oriented person without even mentioning it.

Helps You Show What You Can Do

Focusing on your career achievements helps recruitment managers see the difference you were able to make in your previous job. It also helps them picture what you can do for their company and the things you can do for them.

With this, they do not even have to debate whether to call you for an interview or not because they will all be looking forward to meeting you. Your achievements give them the confidence they need to invite you for an interview.


Focusing on your career achievements is very important for you if you need to get a job. However, this does not mean that your resume should just show the achievements at the expense of other important things. 

You need to make sure that you have included all the relevant elements of a resume while at the same time focusing on career achievements.

This way, you will be called for interviews and get job offers within a short period.

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