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Expert Tips for Creating Strong Passwords and Remembering Them

Privacy has become such a great priority in this day and age because even though we have advanced greatly in the digital work, the risk of having our personal information from us is extremely prevalent.

We’re given plenty of avenues and options to secure this information, but it’s up to us to understand how to do this in the most effective way possible. 

Creating strong passwords to protect your personal data from unauthorized access has become a crucial matter.

The whole world is now digitized, and banking transactions, bill payments, and shopping have become normal activities in our daily lives.

High-tech devices and computers have become susceptible to break-ins, and many people have even been victims of online theft and abduction.

Things can even get worse: your whole identity can be stolen if unauthorized users manage to hack one of your devices. Many hackers apply manual guessing and brute force attacks to decipher your passwords.

Read through our expert tips for creating strong passwords and keep them in mind.

Mix Different Types of Characters

When choosing a password, you should not go for easy guesses like birthdates, anniversaries, and other passwords that are easily predicted.

Go for the hard, long ones, use different symbols in one password, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and mix the different characters in an unusual way. Stay away from easy guesses.

Use Advanced Technology To Create Your Passwords

If you can’t figure out how to create a strong and protected password, let the experts lead. It’s hard to create and remember every password you have, which is why most people fall for the same mistake: having the same password for every account and app they use. You can generate a strong password with only one click.

For instance, using a password manager will guarantee you password access anywhere, help you generate and remember strong passwords, as well as allow for secure password sharing. Valuable information is worth protecting; it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Change Your Password Frequently

This is already applied by many apps for security, especially online banking applications. Changing your password every couple of months makes it very hard for a hacker to access your devices since it’s constantly changing.

Nowadays, data breaches are a major problem, and we’ve already seen it happen to significant companies.

Passwords and other valuable information are being sold every day on the dark web, so if you manage to change your passwords more often your chances of getting hacked will decrease.

High-Level Security

One of the high-level security tips that cannot be easily accessed is to enable two-factor authentication.

Now, how does 2FA work?

When logging into an account on one device, a security code is going to be sent to a separate device, which is also yours, for verification.

A hacker might be able to access one device, but they need the other one in order to receive the verification code and access your account. It seems a bit complicated, but it keeps your accounts secure. 

Passwords have become our only gateway to access vital accounts that we use daily. For this reason, more than 70% of people around the world create a single password and use it for all accounts.

This is an extremely risky thing to do since you’re essentially handing a hacker all your accounts data on a golden platter with only one guess. 

We’ve seen major attacks on huge companies, which lead to data breaches of millions of people around the world.

Generating a strong password is crucial in order to safeguard your valuable information from cybercrime,  one of the most lucrative illegal activities in the world today. 

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