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Encouraging Teamwork Through Recognition

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“Teamwork makes the dream work.”  You are sure to have heard this popular motivational statement before and it is very true. The benefits of teamwork in the workplace are significant.

Working in teams helps companies to accomplish various tasks and achieve objectives and milestones usually in a more efficient manner. The time of work processes is reduced, the fostering of ideas is better promoted, and work processes are more effectively utilized.

Teamwork is a common skill and practice that is seen as a preferred quality in business. Despite this, being involved in teamwork can be dredging when efforts and contributions are not recognized.

In order to reap the benefits of teamwork, companies should include encouraging teamwork through employee recognition programs as part of their best practices.

By encouraging teamwork through recognition, companies will see a ripple of positive effects. These positive outcomes contribute to better team dynamics, efforts, and successes which support implementing business strategy and facilitating the business vision; therefore, give credit where credit is due.

Recognize Individual Efforts

While “team” is not spelled with an “I,” it is composed of individuals who make team achievements possible. It is important that while celebrating the team, not forget the individual and their contributions to team efforts.

In expressing thanks to individual team members, be sure to not give generic recognition. Utilize effective communication and interpersonal skills to be specific in how you show your appreciation and in what you say. Kind words and unique acknowledgments will travel longer.

The team is not the one making the decision to work, perform at high levels, or stay at the company. It is the individual employee. Recognition is important in reducing turnover and increasing retention. When the individual feels valued and appreciated, they are more likely to not only perform better but stay on the job longer.

A powerful, yet humbling moment can be created in displaying gratitude towards an individual’s role in team success. This can inspire others to take more active roles in fostering teamwork and participating in team projects.

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Give Teams Praise

Teams ought to be praised together. A clear place where teamwork is displayed is in sports. While there are individual rewards and honors, the team is able to succeed because of teamwork and congratulations as so.

Results are possible due to teamwork. No one person wins the game. The team wins and the team receives the trophy and acclaim.

It creates awkward situations, potential HR problems, and harms team morale when team acknowledgments are foregone with individual honors. In obvious situations where teams played an integral role in a goal being met, a client retained or success achieved it is appropriate and prudent to applaud the team together.

In giving teams praise it’s important to share how their capacity of teamwork is responsible for their accomplishments. When giving honors and recognition, it is common to highlight the things that went well, strengths, and key success factors.

Apply this when applauding your team. Pinpoint those key elements of teamwork such as strong communication skills (verbal and written), managing tasks, collaboration, soft skills, and more.

Give commendations publicly and privately. There are simple ways to go about showing praise such as a celebratory lunch, words of encouragement or recognition in meetings, and small tokens of gratitude. Build on these forms of recognition with unique and grand demonstrations that will contribute to the continuous fostering of teamwork.

A great practice to implement is giving credit in formal settings. After all, their work is being conducted in a place of business and the work executed, in turn, would be suitable for celebration in a formal setting.

It reinforces the legitimacy of the team’s ability and achievements while simultaneously bolstering the overall image and credibility of the company.

Learn as much as you can about this approach and make sure to get more info at to see how important acknowledging teamwork is. This knowledge is a major asset when it comes to recognizing and rewarding teams.

Show Consistency

If you decide to recognize teams for the goals they meet, successes they achieve, and projects executed for the company, be sure to stay consistent in the fashion you decide to do so.

As with work, in rewards and recognition, consistency is key. Things tend to get chaotic when people don’t know what to expect or how they fit in.

Within a company or work culture, there will exist a subset of cultures including team culture. This is promoted through celebrating team accomplishments.

If teams are treated differently, this can cause malcontent, decrease team efficacy, and lead to grieving the company as a whole. Do not change things up willy-nilly in how you recognize teams, be irregular, or show favoritism.

A system or common practice should be in place for recognition that encourages teamwork which supports team culture. Ultimately, this will contribute to meeting business goals. An additional key aspect to consistency should be fairness. When consistency is paired with fairness employees will be more likely to participate in the team culture.

Consistency allows for there to be an understanding of expectations, processes, and outcomes for teams. A stable foundation is set with consistency, allowing for teams and individual team members to operate comfortably. It is that comfort level that will lead to team members sticking with their work.

Teams get stronger over time as they work together just as with any type of relationship. Consistently build on established teamwork and team frames. Cooperation, consistency, commendation, and collaboration will lead to reinforcing best practices, solidifying trust, and improving processes.

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Recognition of Teamwork Promotes Success

Most employees are more willing to readily encourage and support teamwork when they feel their work and contributions are valued. When there is meaning behind the work or a feeling of unity, a certain quality is reflected in individual team achievements. 

It is a great feeling to see excellent performance produce quality work. Meeting goals, reaching potentials, and pioneering business goals gives a sense of fulfillment and triumph. The accomplishments made through teamwork present great opportunities to acknowledge, inspire and encourage everyone who took part in making the success.

When a target is met, acknowledge those who helped in checking it off. When a milestone is passed, call out those who bolstered the process. When the company receives accolades for a successful launch, celebrate the team that made it possible.

In recognizing all those who made the successes possible, you will motivate them to participate and execute future triumphs.

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