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Despite the popularity of marketing channels such as PPC, social media, and content marketing, email marketing is still a relevant marketing strategy for steady business growth. It helps brands establish a closer connection with their customers.

Building an email list allows you to stay in touch with your audience. You’re already aware they are interested in your products and services, therefore, it’s another sales channel that you can count on.

If you’re not already running an email marketing campaign, here are a couple of interesting statistics that will persuade you to start. As email is the best way to deliver a message.

Welcome emails have the highest open rates

Once somebody signs up for your email or registers with your platform, sending a welcome email is a healthy practice. Even though everyone is aware of automated emails, half of the people open them to find important information inside. Use these emails to leave a remarkable impression from the start.

Offer resources that will point the user in the right direction, depending on your industry. For example, if they’ve subscribed to your newsletter, share what they can expect from it. If they’ve registered with your platform, point them to resources that show them how to use it.

Make the email short and dense with information you want to spread. An email signature generator can help deliver the perfect finishing part with a unique signature that leaves a great impression.

Email is personal for all generations

Are you looking for a way to connect with your email subscribers closely? Email is the way to go. According to a Bluecore report, all generations believe that the most personal messages from brands come from an email. To be precise, 74% of baby boomers, 72% of generation X, 64% of millennials and 60% of generation Z.

Therefore, getting to your visitors’ inboxes is the best way to deliver a message. Use the channel to congratulate their birthdays, wish happy holidays and send unique promotions. Learn how to insert GIFs in the email as it makes your messages more interesting and engaging. This is a great way to drive sales.

The majority of people open emails on their phones

If you look at the global online traffic, you’ll find that around 55% of it is coming from mobile devices. Why is that important? You need to use a responsive email design. No matter if the user is coming from a mobile, tablet or computer, they need to see and interact with your email easily.

Therefore, ensure that emails in your campaign are optimized for these devices and especially for mobile phones. If you don’t take this step, you’re making it impossible for more than half of your email list to see the email you’re sending.

Newsletters are an effective nurturing approach

Given that email is perceived as personal space, it’s no wonder that 31% of B2B marketers believe it’s one of the best lead nurturing approaches. Companies use newsletters to keep their subscribers informed about the latest developments in their company.

It’s a great way to keep subscribers engaged. Plus, sharing forms, quizzes and other similar emails help businesses better understand their customers and future customers.

Therefore, if you’re not running a newsletter, it’s time to start doing it. No matter if you’re in the B2C or B2B industry, you’ll achieve the same result.

Segmentation brings results

One of the best ways to make your email marketing more effective is segmentation. Sending a single email template to all your subscribers is not the best way to communicate with your email list. It’s necessary to customize your approach and personalize it.

You can achieve this by splitting your demographics by interests, location and age. Once you know these details, you can create specific marketing campaigns that bring results.

For example, if your customer has expressed a desire to buy New York Jets merchandise in your store and they’re living in New York, sending a promotional email with a discount on those items will probably help sell the item.

On the other hand, emailing the same individual with a random promotion in a different section of your store won’t generate a sale. Therefore, segment and target the audience in your email list for better results.

Marketers state that segmented marketing can bring a 760% revenue increase. Give it a go. The majority of email tools come with segmentation features.

It’s one of the best ways to leverage the power of IT solutions to better company performance.

Marketers prefer email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that marketers prefer to social media. In fact, according to Litmus’s report, 4 out of 5 marketers would choose email marketing over social media.

The report is very fresh, and it says a lot about email marketing’s effectiveness.

Email marketing revenue will double by 2027

If you look at the estimate of email marketing revenue by 2027, it’s a clear indicator that it’ll remain an important marketing factor in the future. The projections show that the revenue will double by that year, meaning that the majority of companies will embrace building email lists.

If you’re thinking about whether you need an email list, use this estimation as motivation. You’ll have to do it to stay competitive in the modern market.

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Send emails on specific days in the week

In the busy world we’re living in, you have to pick the right time to send emails to your subscribers. The best rule to follow is to send an email in the middle of the week.

That means Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. These days are periods of the week when people have the most time to check their phones.

Monday is taken as a demanding start of the week, whereas Friday is usually the day people take off for their vacations.

When it comes to the time of the day, the best times are 6 AM, 10 AM, 2 PM, 6 PM and 8 PM. Each of these times is a period when people check their phones and emails.

Concluding thoughts

The email statistics show how important this marketing channel still is. Not only that, it will be important in the future as well. Therefore, make sure that you develop an email marketing strategy on time. The sooner you start building your list, the sooner you can expect this marketing channel to generate some revenue for you.

About the author 
Helga Zabalkanska is a CMO at Newoldstamp (500 Startups backed) and MySignature. She has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing with data-drive approach. Helga is a startup enthusiast and SaaS lover.