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Commercial Real Estate Faces a High Demand for Available Workers – Get Onboard Now

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If you’re looking for your next career move, commercial real estate (CRE) is the niche to look into. Demand for workers in a wide variety of roles is high, and opportunities are available in almost every corner of the globe for those with the right skills.

Let’s talk about what types of positions are offered in CRE, and what each involves to give you inspiration for your own job hunt.

Developers oversee large projects with panache

The very best developers of CRE projects are responsible for running large teams and taking advantage of the latest technologies in order to hit targets, drive down budgets and avoid delays along the way.

For example, an exceptional real estate project manager will prioritize the use of modern software apps in order to wrangle complex schedules and ensure that they are able to proactively address potential future problems while relying on a range of tools to assist them.

Anyone who’s got project management experience in other spheres will be suited to the job of commercial real estate developer. That includes engineers with CAD skills and software developers who are looking for a fresh challenge.

Consultants are afforded impressive flexibility

Sometimes the best solution to get into CRE is as a consultant, as this may mesh with skills you already possess, and could give you a more flexible and adaptable working schedule that’s easier to fit around the rest of your life.

Engineers are again in demand here, as they’ll be required from early on in major projects to ensure that the plans are up to code, and that any unforeseen issues with the site and the intended structure that’s destined to occupy it are identified and ironed out sooner rather than later.

Analysts delve into the data to determine the right direction for CRE projects

As with lots of other industries, commercial real estate is significantly reliant on data analysis in order to come to the correct conclusions when big decisions are up for debate.

There’s vast amounts of information available to inform the direction taken by all sorts of projects, and it’s not just about assessing schemes that are already up and running, but also researching the broader aspects of the operations undertaken by CRE companies. Whether acquiring land, bargaining with partners, or setting rental rates, every choice is weighed up by data analysts.

Asset managers oversee large property portfolios

Close to the top of the food chain in CRE you’ll find asset managers. As the name suggests, this job involves managing not just individual properties, but entire portfolios of commercial premises, and factors in all sorts of responsibilities, with the unified goal of wringing the maximum return on investment out of every development a business owns.

Because of its all-encompassing nature, asset management necessarily involves skills from all sorts of other disciplines. So in addition to data analysis and decision-making, you’ll also need to be a good communicator and an effective leader of teams.

Asset managers are also invariably financially savvy individuals, clued up on the ins and outs of tackling the money side of real estate deals, whether that means courting investors, negotiating loans, or rethinking strategies on spending.

Final thoughts

The demand for workers in CRE applies at all levels, from construction site laborers to top level developers and managers.

Most importantly, the growth in positions in this sector doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon, and in many places there is a distinct shortage of employees to fill available roles, hence why it’s so competitive in terms of pay.

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