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Benefits of hiring business intelligence developers/engineers

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Making use of your data is not just advisable; we are at the point where it is non-negotiable. The best way to do that is by hiring experienced business intelligence engineers.

Business intelligence engineers are the perfect addition to your team.

It is a widely stated fact that data is the fuel of business. However, without people, processes, and tech solutions to collect data, manage and analyze it, information is useless. Not only must you have a team to build analytics tools and keep data running smoothly, but you also need individuals who understand how the numbers work.

Business intelligence (BI) engineers are skilled in dealing with raw data from multiple sources, interpreting what the statistics mean for your company, and turning them into actionable insights that can help improve everyday operations.

Business intelligence engineers can do what you need, when you need it done.

They are skilled in several development languages, computer systems, and software.

For example, they can configure queries for SQL (Structured Query Language) to retrieve the information you need from your data warehouse or SQL databases; make calculations in advanced analytics tools like SAS (Statistical Analysis System); put this together into visualizations that present the insights in an easy-to-understand format; and finally, automate reports so they are sent to those who need them on a schedule of your choosing.

Your business intelligence engineers can take care of these needs as soon as you need them done.

Business intelligence engineers will know how to handle any issues with your data fast.

Your BI team will work quickly and efficiently if there is a problem with the data they are using.

From dealing with corrupt files to finding the right query for a certain dataset, or even making data connections when there is not enough information in one place, anything that prevents the delivery of accurate reports will be fixed before it creates problems for your business.

Your company can benefit from an expanded reach for reporting.

A business intelligence engineer can take the time-consuming task of reporting off your plate. BI engineers write queries and scripts to create automated reports that are delivered directly into users’ inboxes on a schedule of their choosing, like daily or weekly.

No more waiting around for someone to finish running a report; instead your team gets immediate access to reports without having to request them first.

Business intelligence engineers are good at automating reports so they are delivered on a schedule.

Not only are business intelligence engineers skilled in creating customized reporting, but they can also automate the process to ensure that the reports are delivered on time to those who need them most.

Whether it is an Excel report delivered by email, or a chart update made automatically to your company’s webpage, BI engineers have the skills needed to keep your data up-to-date and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Business intelligence engineers will help you discover valuable insights from existing data sources.

If you already have important data stored away somewhere in one of your databases or spreadsheets, then there is no reason for it not to be used and abused for its full potential!

Your business intelligence engineers will have the skills needed to extract information from your most valuable data sets, interpret it in different ways, and help you see how it relates to other statistics you have on hand – even if they are not 100% complete.

Business intelligence engineers can design solutions that work for your team.

BI engineers know how to use technology effectively from mobile applications to shiny interactive dashboards so everyone has access to the information they need when they need it.

If you are looking for advanced analytics with a user-friendly interface that helps anyone explore their own insights, then your business intelligence engineer is the key to success.

Business intelligence engineers can create powerful visualizations of data.

Pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, world maps, simple tables – your business intelligence engineer has seen and created them all. They not only know the ins and outs of these charts and what to use in different scenarios, but they can create these visualizations from scratch.

Whether you want a quick chart for an email or a highly interactive dashboard with multiple views of data that allows users to explore their own insights, your BI engineer will be able to get the job done (and get it done well).

Business intelligence engineers can make sense of new data quickly.

If there is new data on the horizon, such as the latest survey results from customers or sales figures for this month’s big sale event, your business intelligence engineers can help you find meaning within it.

They will know what to look for in the data, how it relates to statistics you already have on hand, and ways to use the information so your team can be prepared.

10) Business intelligence engineers can help you make important decisions based on facts.

In today’s business world, data is king

Your business intelligence engineers can provide facts and figures that allow you to make informed decisions about where your company is going next.

This type of analysis allows everyone from entry-level employees all the way up to your most senior managers to see their role in delivering measurable results that help build a better bottom line.

As you consider the type of professionals who will play a key part in building out your business intelligence system, keep these ten benefits top of mind.

Business intelligence engineers have a deep understanding of your information technology infrastructure and how it works with software systems

You benefit from a business intelligence system that works well and delivers the reports you need when you need them. Your system will be built on an IT infrastructure that can support it, so it scales as your company grows.

If this is important to you, then put your trust in a BI engineer who knows how to design systems with current technology standards, so they are scalable now – and years down the road.

Business intelligence engineers know what questions to ask regarding your existing data sources

We all have data stashed away somewhere within our organization – whether it’s spreadsheets of historical sales figures or databases storing customer contact info. Even if there is no official place for these records, employees still manage to save their own versions just in case they may come in handy at some point. Your business intelligence engineer will have the skills to work with your team to determine where all this data is located, how it can be used to tell a story, and how it can be normalized into one source that provides an accurate picture of what’s going on in your organization.

Business intelligence engineers know how to use software tools and methods

To pull together different types of information (sales figures, customer data, performance metrics) from different sources; they can also create new reports or find answers within existing datasets if needed. It’s not enough for them to simply access – they need to analyze too!

They are skilled at using industry-standard reporting tools (such as Tableau), along with custom-built queries and custom-designed databases to make your big data manageable and accessible.

Business intelligence engineers can turn data into actionable insights that help you grow your business.

Your business intelligence engineer will work with you and your team to identify the metrics that need attention in order to drive revenue, reduce costs, gain new customers – whatever it may be for your company’s bottom line.

They can analyze existing reports or create custom ones so everyone from entry-level employees all the way up to senior managers get the information they need on a regular basis.


Your business intelligence engineers provide the insights you need to make educated decisions about where your company is going next. They can make sure your team gets this information on a regular basis so they can be prepared for new opportunities as they arise.

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