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4 Helpful Apps Every Real Estate Investor Should Use

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We live in an age in which we all are in pursuit of technological and digital shortcuts. There are so many different applications that we have at our disposal, all of them with their own benefits.

In today’s article, we are going to be discussing applications that exist exclusively for the benefit of real estate investors or applications that can be used by real estate investors to their advantage.

Applications offer so many benefits to investors, who previously in years long gone, would have had to go out and make connections for themselves in person, or reel people in to buy properties through signposts, posters, and magazines.

Technology has made all of our lives easier, in that we can communicate with anybody anywhere in the world from our bedrooms, and real estate investors have benefitted just as much as anyone else.

Here are four helpful applications which every real estate investor should use.


When it comes to all-inclusive properties, in which tenants pay a slightly increased rent every month but do not have to pay the bills manually, or even worry about them, it is easy for the landlord to begin to worry about energy misuse.

To save yourself the burden of having to worry about energy misuse, you can use Nest! The Nest app will tell you, through sensors, when your tenants have the house far too hot, and equally, far too cold. While the latter may be up to their personal preference, the former can cost you a lot of money, and thus, must be dealt with effectively.

Tenants who overuse energy can be very problematic, again, especially for all-inclusive properties. Really, you will want to stamp out any energy misuse early and instruct your tenants that it is not okay to abuse the energy and have the heating on at full blast all day, as well as the hot water.

You can find it through your Nest app if your tenants are ignoring your calls to go easy on the energy, which gives you the ability to take action.


I should really start this with, ‘when it comes to interior design…’ but I won’t. Interior design can be incredibly difficult, especially if you have had no previous experience in it.

Houzz, for this reason, has proved to be an invaluable asset to real estate investors whose bread and butter is made from the renovation and homes for sale Valdosta GA area.

Houzz is a platform that enables you to put together ideas for redeveloping a property, with ideas from property developers, architects, and interior designers. You are presented with a number of different filters and styles, all of which you can use to redesign your own property.

As a real estate investor or the manager of a real estate business, or property management firm, I can personally assure you that this is an application that you will definitely want to use at some point to benefit and further your business, especially if you are relied upon to make important decisions regarding the interior design of some of, or all, of your properties.

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Trussle is an application that provides up-to-date mortgage deals so that you can make the best decision regarding your mortgage.

Getting your first mortgage can be incredibly stressful. Trussle can make all of those worries go away, and with its easy-to-use interface, you will be able to get your first mortgage, free from worry and concern. Trussle is an application that you can benefit from tremendously.


Signing documents has become incredibly difficult with the pandemic taking place around us. No more can we just pop down to the office and have a tenant or buyer sign a document, and instead, we have to adhere to distancing guidelines.

Enter DocuSign. Now, you can sign documents remotely from wherever you are in the world, and have them witnessed and co-signed.

Honourable Mention: Financial Applications

When it comes to managing your business’s finances and expenses, you may run into some difficulty. Not everybody is good with calculations, it’s just the way that it is. With a financial chart app, however, you can stop worrying about the financial aspects of property management, and instead, can sit back and let the application’s well-developed charts do the work for you.

These services are used by many different landlords from around the United States and even abroad, and they can have great benefits on your business and your real estate income statement. Keeping records doesn’t have to be a headache anymore.

The world of applications has made the world of real estate investors and estate agents much easier. The suggestions made here, I feel, will benefit you as a real estate investor, so if you have the time, give them a try.

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