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At the heart of any business, be that a smaller, family-run company, or else a national business serving the entirety of the country, are its employees, without whom the day-to-day necessities simply would not be completed.

As such, even as you begin to make expansion plans, be that in terms of additional offices, or else to reach a wider base of target customers and clients, then you should look no further than global employment outsourcing.

With this in mind, here is a guide to global employment outsourcing to increase sales and profits.

Global Employment Outsourcing Defined

GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing) is by far the most effective way to push your business into the international market, and when utilizing renowned global employer of record services, you will be able to access over 165 countries in just a couple of weeks.

Not only does opting for GEO result in a reputable and established third-party company handling everything from benefits and payroll to compliance requirements for both remote and global workers, but it also eliminates the risk of repercussions of non-compliance.

The Key Benefits of GEO

There are, as you would imagine, numerous advantages to choosing global employment outsourcing when you are ready to expand your company, with just a few of the key benefits of GEO including the following:

  • Salaries, policies, and procedures and contracts in the local language
  • Consistent support in the time zone of your home country
  • The assurance that every single contract for every single international employee is entirely correct and meets all mandatory legal requirements
  • 24/7 accessibility of a GDPR platform which manages employee attendance, expenses, and planned time off
  • Concise invoice service for each country, which includes service fees, commissions, employee wages, and social costs

How Outsourcing Can Increase Your Sales Figures

The fundament point of any business is to provide services and/or products to customers and clients, and the more sales your company can produce, the more profit your business will make.

Outsourcing is and always has been the primary way to boost sales, especially if you choose to work with a company that also has marketing experts working for them too.

Before you discover the three key advantages to outsourcing your sales and marketing department, it would be prudent to first learn of the top benefits of the process of outsourcing itself, which include:

  • Reduced and controlled expenses
  • Much improved concentration on other core business functions
  • An increased reach in terms of target audiences and markets
  • A higher competitive advantage against company rivals
  • Much higher levels of efficiency and productivity

Following this, below are the top three key advantages of outsourcing your sales and marketing department.

1.Outsourcing Will Target Underserved & Niche Markets

Regardless of the size of your company, one of the most common issues of all is that there are often not enough salespeople to blanket target all the industries and territories which are necessary.

In addition to not having enough qualified people to do the job, resources are often stretched to the point that some areas you would like to target simply cannot be reached.

With outsourcing, third-party companies will work with your business to develop a long-term marketing strategy which will focus on these untapped and niche markets at the same time as developing specific approaches to targeted sales in these areas.

2. Outsourcing Dramatically Increases Customer Engagement

The time it takes to reply to every customer query, be that online or over the phone, means that often and entirely contrary to your desire, customers can feel ignored and undeserved, which will naturally mean they are unlikely to come back. This is something that you will want to avoid at all costs.

With the popularization of social media and its current supreme influence on levels of customer satisfaction across different industries, when you decide to outsource your sales to a reputable third-party business, this will benefit you tenfold.

Not only will you increase your sales and, therefore, your profit margins, but the new customers and clients you gain will have access to 24/7 customer support, which in turn, will boost your levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Outsourcing Always Promotes Better Sales Performance

Another huge advantage of choosing to outsource your sales, either at a national or an international level, is that the sales team which will be combined with your own will have up-to-date knowledge, a wealth of expertise, and will bring with them the latest technologies and

This experience will boost your internal employees’ performance and sales figures but also serve to motivate and inspire them to work on their proficiency, not just in sales but in other areas of the business.

In turn, this will improve your overall levels of employee retention and make for a conducive and forward-thinking sales workforce for the future.