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6 Ways to Quickly Customize Your Packaging During a Promotion

Finding and producing the right products to sell can be a daunting task, especially when you’re on a tight budget or pressed for time. Apart from all of the things you have to carefully plan, you also have to find a quick, easy way to customize your packaging during a hot promotion.

How to Quickly Customize Product Packaging

You can’t just send out a blank, featureless package to your customers; you need something that will make your brand and products memorable. 

Here’s how to DIY your way to success.

1. Add an Easily-Removable Label

Aside from the design aspect, sticks are great at binding boxes together. Plus, stickers are easy to customize and super affordable, even if you’re using them on thousands of boxes. For example, custom roll labels from Sticker You start as low as $0.33 per label and look great.

Don’t worry about not receiving your sticks on time, as several online stores will create, print, and send over your stickers in a little under a week or in a few days with expedited shipping.

2. Wrap Boxes With Wrapping Paper 

If you’re using a rigid set-up box, mailing box, or anything else that can easily be wrapped, consider using wrapping paper. Like with stickers, you can order custom wrapping paper that works perfectly for your brand, but if you’re really running late, buy generic wrapping paper.

You can find some incredible gold gilded, floral, or artistic wrapping paper in art stores, craft stores, or even the dollar store. Use a marker or stencil to print your brand name on top.

3. Press the Box With Custom Stamps

There are plenty of local print shops that also create handcrafted stamps in less than a day, and you can find ink pads in any color. While ink won’t sit well on plastic packaging, it’ll work wonders on cardboard and paper, so try using a stamp on top of your wrapping paper. You can also consider stickers with logos.

On the other hand, you could take a minimalistic approach and simply stamp your logo on a plain cardboard box. If you want to add something else, try a big fabric bow or tie it with string.

4. Dunk Your Box Tops in Glitter 

Eco-friendly glitter is a cheap, sustainable way to make your packaging literally shine like a diamond. If you’re using an FTD container (one that has a separate top piece you can remove), drench it in white glue and dunk it in a bowl of glitter. Shake the excess back into the bowl.

You can find glitter in every craft store, so it’s easy to locate on short notice. If you want to truly “wow” your customers, add a handwritten or custom thank you note on top of the box.

5. Wrap Burlap Around the Packaging

Burlap adds a rustic feel to almost anything, plus it’s a natural material that’s reusable and easy to customize. Burlap is super cheap, too, as you can get a 2-yard (6 feet) long roll of felted burlap for $25. With all of that material, you could add a bit of personality to 10-100 packages.

If you want to go the extra mile with your rustic theme, consider buying a bit of jute string or lace. Consider adding a vintage stamp or a tag that hangs off the side of your package.

6. Use “Nature Boxes,” aka Dried Leaves

If you sell soaps or cater to an audience that would appreciate the use of eco-friendly materials, try using dried leaves as wrapping paper. This style is really effective for soaps, jewelry, and souvenirs because you won’t have to take up space in a large, ill-fitting one-piece folder box.

To take full advantage of this material, make sure the leaves you use don’t wilt quickly. For example, banana leaves are 100% biodegradable and start to decompose in 28 days.

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