It’s easy to come across harshly by being too blunt during your interview with a Greenville IT staffing agency. Here are a few examples of how to say or ask something without putting the interviewer off.

How much does this job pay?”

Compensation is an important part of any interview; however, it should be worded delicately. It should also not be the first thing discussed.

Try something like this instead: “What is the total compensation package for this position? Does it include anything else such as benefits, 401k, vacation time, or tuition reimbursement?”

My last boss / company was terrible

No matter how bad it was at your last place company it is never wise to spend time talking poorly about your previous employer, no interviewer ever wants to hear this phrase. It only makes you look unprofessional in their eyes.

Say this instead: “I’m looking forward to working with an employer that appreciates my efforts and a manager that believes in open communication.”

How many other people are currently being interviewed for this job?

It’s not unreasonable to ask this question, but timing and wording are important.

Ask this question at the end of the interview and try something like this: “Would you be comfortable telling me how many other people are interviewing for this position?”

What should I wear to work here?

Dress codes can be tricky, take a look at what people are wearing and ask professionally. Try this: “Is there a certain required dress code in the office I should adhere to?”

What does everyone typically do for fun?

It’s great to be friendly and open, just remember that you’re here for an interview, not a party.

Ask this instead:” Does the office engage in weekly or monthly team building activities?”

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