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5 Skills Employers Of The Future Will Be Looking For

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In the past couple of years, Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on people with both stable and unstable employment opportunities. With the rising and continuing advancement in technology and mechanization of all processes previously carried out by human workers, it is likely job displacement and unemployment will result.

Individuals need to diversify their portfolios and skills in order to remain competitive for the employers of the future. Here are a few skills that are forecasted to become increasingly important and marketable. 

1. A.I Is The Future 

The field and industry of artificial intelligence has been steadily growing for decades and is believed to be the impetus for a new industrial revolution that will swap out manual human jobs in favor of robotics.

Having programming knowledge, qualifications in the development of robotics and related software, as well as mastering the mechanics of machine learning can prove extraordinarily lucrative in the decade to come. 

While artificial intelligence is always said to replace jobs it in fact has the power to increase production substantially and cause economic growth and progress which ultimately means the welfare of the whole society. Individuals can seek education to become UI designers, machine learning engineers, and business intelligence analysts amidst a range of other jobs. 

2. The Field Of Marketing

Marketing has always been important where businesses and business ventures are concerned. In recent years there has been a shift to social media and digital marketing in conjunction and sometimes in lieu of traditional methods such as television, billboards, or pamphlets.

Whether it is drafting social wellbeing messages, making video or graphic advertisements, or constructing consumer profiles, marketing experts are very much in demand and that trend is only set to rise. 

Research has shown that more and more people even in an older demographic are consuming social media platforms and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and therefore are more susceptible to effective marketing carried out there.

Affiliate marketing in itself is a valid career path that can be utilized on global platforms through online freelancing. Social media and digital marketing is a huge data bank in itself as information is being gathered all the time about consumer preferences, needs, and buying habits and marketing strategies are being adjusted on the basis of that understanding. 

Online campaigns whether they be social, charitable, or product related are tremendously impactful as most people of all ages are always scrolling on their phones, tablets, or laptops and can be targeted in this way with attention-grabbing posts, video clips, or short films.

Making campaign related decisions and lead generation will continue to be a job of the future and may in fact become a huge driver of the e-commerce part of the economy in every country.

Marketers should build up an impressive array of skills and seek out courses for graphic design, content writing and so forth similar to how a portfolio for interior design is built up by undertaking various décor projects. 

3. Mastering EQ Or Emotional Intelligence 

The jobs of the future in every way involve mental health, emotional intelligence, and the ability to read people. Not only is EQ essential for working in the healthcare industry or in marketing, but it also reflects the changing attitude of people towards mental health and the increased awareness of it that is becoming commonplace in today’s society and for the work-life balance.

Reliable research has shown that employers want people who score high on EQ questionnaires and tests for leadership positions, promotions, and increased responsibilities. 

Being able to celebrate different cultures and nationalities, working and communicating well with people, and imbuing one’s work with a sense of cooperation and collaboration are all skills and mindsets of the present and the future.

Jobs such as providing therapy, nursing, teaching, tutoring, mentoring, being a human resource specialist, and so forth are all jobs that will continue to be in high demand in the future. 

4. Healthcare Professionals 

Due to the effects of the pandemic, the healthcare industry saw a lot of strain on its existing resources. In many countries, doctors and nurses were found to be in fewer numbers than required and in the aftermath, the focus has shifted to having more medical specialists and especially nursing staff graduate from colleges and universities.

Becoming a nurse or a medical doctor, therefore, is in high demand and that is expected to sustain itself for many decades ahead. Becoming a healthcare professional requires specialized degrees and periods of training as well as a personal sense of compassion and commitment. 

On the global level, it has been estimated that the percentage of the aging population is only likely to increase in the next decade, indirectly increasing the demand for healthcare workers of every denomination.

Since people are more committed to pursuing their careers in the modern world and not having as many children, the elderly population will continue to grow. 

5. Blockchain In Finance 

Blockchain which involves conducting and keeping track of bitcoin transactions and investments in specialized software and portals is an upcoming important career path for the years ahead with more and more people gaining awareness about digital currencies and their purported benefits. Being a UX designer, blockchain engineer or a legal counselor among other jobs is the way forward in terms of skill building and career choices.

Knowing how to manage a database as unique as a blockchain is a specialized skill that more and more employers in a range of industries are seeing universal applications for.  To improve your employability going forward, it makes sense to get into a coding bootcamp and learn more about blockchain tech, even if you don’t intend to work directly in development.

A good poster printing machine can help in decision making, blueprints, marketing uses, or even in presentations but digital skills at the same time are needed for effective management, as well as a thorough record-keeping mechanism of the kind required in blockchain operations. Research has shown that roughly 10% of global finance may be stored on bitcoin currencies in just a few years.

Blockchain is not just about bitcoin or digital currencies but also about procuring supply chaing staffing agencies for finding talent, copyright management, supply chain management, and so forth along with a multitude of other possible applications.

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