Here are the 5 key mistakes to avoid when negotiating a salary with a candidate

Because of a talent shortage in industries like engineering and information technology, there has been a shift in salary negotiation.

Where the power once was in the hands of the hiring manager, in today’s market many employers find that it is no longer true.

These days in the technical world, it’s a candidate’s market.

Many in-demand Dallas Texas candidates find themselves with multiple job offers from companies or engineering recruitment agencies in Dallas, putting them in power during a salary negotiation.  That puts a lot of pressure on a hiring manager, and managers can make mistakes under pressure.

Once you have finished your questions for the interviewee and are ready to extend an offer avoid these 5 mistakes.

1. Being tempted by the talent and overlooking the fit within the team

Having interviewed a seemingly talented candidate, you may want to do whatever it takes to get them on your team.  Before you up the salary offer in negotiations, make sure that talent isn’t the only factor.

Being the right person for a company isn’t just about being the best candidate, but how this person will complement your team. Make sure and think about this before meeting his or her salary demand.

2. Not negotiating enough for the right candidate

I know we just talked about not upping the salary for the wrong candidate, but the opposite can also be true.  Sometimes, your biggest mistake can be to stop negotiating when the candidate is the right fit for your company.

A highly skilled professional who would fit your company is usually a good investment, even if you need to loosen the purse strings a little more than you’d like.

Remember the longer you delay the more offers and interviews a candidate will receive and it will make it that much harder to secure their acceptance at the salary you desire.

3. Making the job all about the money

Yes, I know so far we’ve only talked about money, and I’m still talking about salary negotiations.  Money is the central element, but it isn’t the only thing that’s important to the candidate.

You can find out what might be important to him or her by asking some questions.

Are they looking to telecommute, have a flexible schedule, want a job close to home, a certain amount of vacation time each year, or an enhanced job title? If you are reaching the end of your salary range, some of these types of perks may seal the deal.

4. Forgetting that employees talk to their coworkers

Employees talk and while most people keep their salary private, not all will.  Remember that whatever you’ve offered to the candidate could quickly become public knowledge once they are on the team.

You want to make sure that the new hire’s package isn’t out of proportion to what his or her peers make, leading to dissatisfaction among your team. Stay within the range of your company’s salary and benefits structure.

5. Not paying attention to clues

Salary negotiation can reveal personality clues, just as well as questions do in an interview.  Make sure to pay as close attention to the candidate’s responses during negotiation as you did in the interview.

You can learn their communication style if he or she really wants to work for your company, and how the candidate responds to not getting what they want.  Watch you for troubling clues and remove the offer if too many appear.

If you feel good about the candidate, make an offer quickly before another company does. Always remember time is your enemy when competing for top technical talent the sooner you can make the offer the better.

Keep these tips in mind next time you negotiate salary with the right candidate or if you need help with finding top engineering/IT talent in the right salary range reach out to one of the top IT staffing agencies in Dallas TX, the industry insiders at Apollo Technical.

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