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5 Best Questions to Ask a Facilities Manager Before Hiring Them

If you are in the market for a new facilities manager, then you need to take the process one step at a time to ensure that you find the right person for the job. You may look out at the market and see that there are plenty of “qualified” candidates, but you need to find the one that is best for your particular building.

Your facilities manager will be responsible for planning and coordinating installations, managing the upkeep of the equipment, inspecting the building’s structures to recommend possible repairs and updates, and more.

The issue is that every facility – home or commercial –  is different, so just like when you hire a handyman, you need to ask good questions during the interview. The questions below offer a good starting point. Ask these, add on a few of your own, and get the best person for the job.

1. What Experience Do You Have Managing Our Type of Operation?

The first thing you need to learn about a potential facilities manager is how much experience they bring to the table, especially in your type of operation. All buildings are not created equal, and you may even operate several different facilities. Does the applicant you are interviewing have experience with your particular type of scenario?

If they say they do, then ask how they have handled the job with previous employers and have them provide specific examples. You could even provide hypothetical scenarios or issues you had in the past and ask them how they would tackle the unique problems. A good manager will be able to quickly provide solid answers.

2. What Are Your Feelings About Sustainable Facility Management, and How Do You Implement It Into Your Work?

If you are like many other building owners these days, then you are likely looking for ways to focus on sustainability. Successful organizations are constantly growing, so you should plan for sustainable development, which is when an organization focuses on important factors such as:

  • Streamlining utilities to use less energy throughout the day.
  • Creating efficient processes that reduce pollution and waste.
  • Utilizing clean and green technology to make the future a brighter place for upcoming generations.

If your company has a sustainable growth mindset, then you need to ask your potential facilities manager about their interest in this subject and the sustainable work they have done in the past.

There are many examples of tasks and processes that facilities managers can take to help make your current and future buildings more eco-friendly, including implementing recycling practices, hiring green-focused contractors, and more. So, ask them what they have to offer.

3. What Is Your Understanding of Facilities Metrics and Data?

As time goes on, technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, and because of that, facilities managers now have more tools at their disposal than ever before.

In order for a manager to succeed in 2023, they must have experience with workplace data. By aggregating, collecting, analyzing, and reporting data, they can gain insights into their productivity and pinpoint the areas of the building that need improvement or fine-tuning.

Ask the candidate about their experience with these systems and about specific scenarios in the past where they used data collection to their benefit.

4. Are You Familiar With ADA Accommodations? If So, What Ideas Do You Have?

In order for a building and the businesses inside to be successful, they must be accessible to all people. Many people will ask for ADA accommodations at work.

That can be due to sight or hearing issues, or they may use a wheelchair to get around or require other assistance to do their job. There is a good chance that someone in the building will need accommodations, so you need to ensure that this potential facilities manager will know how they would approach these situations.

The answer you receive should be fairly comprehensive. You are looking for a manager that will be familiar with current ADA regulations.

They will also be able to explain how they would go about finding issues in the building and how to create a plan of action to ensure that everyone who walks through those doors is able to fulfill their position to the best of their ability.

5. What Was A Time When You Had To Make a Difficult Decision?

As the manager of a constantly evolving facility, it is only natural to have to face a difficult decision at some point. Either that or they will need to provide input that helps their organization make the tough decisions. The same situation may arise at your company, and you need to be sure that this candidate is up to the task. Ask them how they have tackled a difficult situation in the past.

The candidate should respond by referencing a certain scenario. Keep an ear out for situations where they had to collaborate with folks in different departments to get the best answers. The ability to form relationships with other professionals around the building is key.


These are just a few of the important questions that you should ask a facilities manager before hiring them to help you with your small business

You should also inquire about their qualifications, leadership skills, and why they want to work in your particular building(s). Take the time to ask the important questions, and you can find the best applicant for

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