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5 Advantages of Using PDF Files

PDF files have grown to become one of the most popular and widely used file formats in the world. The PDF format is used by more than 330M people world wide.

As software developer recruiters we use a PDF converter on a daily basis to convert resumes from PDF to MS Word and from MS Word to PDF format.

It doesn’t matter if you belong to the business sector or the education sector; PDF is the most common way to share files amongst peers.

Managers are using it to draft contracts for employees, executives are using it to send memos within a company, teachers are using it to share results, and students are using it to submit their assignments.

So, it doesn’t matter which profession you belong to; PDF is the go-to file format for everyone. As it has slowly replaced all other file formats to become the one true king, let’s look at a couple of reasons why PDF takes charge.


First and foremost, in this era of technology where it has become so easy for users to share files fast, it has become equally easy for hackers to spy and fish for data.

When you are working in a corporate sector or in any professional environment, you rely on your business files as they contain your secrets.

In such a setting, securing your files is no longer an option but a necessity that should be done at all costs. You can easily convert all your files into the PDF format using this PDF converter.

Multi-Dimensional Format

The best part about PDF is that you can do so much with it with so little effort.

It doesn’t matter who you are sharing your documents to or on which device you are opening the file; your PDF file is going to turn out the same regardless of the platform you are using.

So, it becomes so easy to share and track your files without worrying about anything.

Moreover, you can use PDF files to make presentations, reports, and portfolios, as you know that PDF is never going to let you down.


Have you ever tried opening a word file on older versions of Word that you have made using the latest version?

If yes, then you can understand what a pain in the ass it can be. All of the other formats are version dependent, which means that their formatting will become messed up if you are not opening the file on the exact same version it is intended for.

On the other side, PDF doesn’t have such restrictions, which makes things much more convenient.


Last but not least, as a business, you don’t only have to make sure that your files are secure, but you also have to ensure that they reach the desired destination on time.

The best thing about PDF format is that you can compress it into a file size that is easy to share without compromising its quality.

Let’s assume that you have a word file that you want to send over the internet.

A word file of 25 MB compresses down to almost 1 MB if you convert it to PDF and then further compress it so that it’s easy to share.

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