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4 Ways AI Can Solve Your Seasonal Hiring Challenges

Seasonal peaks in business are like a double-edged sword. They promise increased revenue but also present the daunting task of seasonal hiring. This is the period when you have to sift through hundreds of applications, maintain communication with candidates, and conduct countless interviews to find the right fit.

The good news is, there’s AI. Integrating artificial intelligence into your hiring process can make recruitment a breeze. AI can save you valuable time and even improve the accuracy of your recruitment decisions.

In this article, we’ll discuss four ways AI can solve your seasonal hiring challenges.

1. Handles High Volumes of Applications

The average corporate job opening receives about 250 applications. Manually sifting through that many resumes and cover letters can be quite challenging.

First, it will cost you valuable time that you could use for more important tasks. Also, the high volume of applications means you’ll have less time to go through each candidate’s credentials.

The result? You’re more likely to miss out on top talent and suitable candidates, which is the opposite of what you want during the hiring season.

This is where AI comes to the rescue. AI-based tools can rapidly filter through thousands of resumes and applications. They can analyze candidates’ information, such as experience, skills, and education, and accurately match them to the job descriptions.

Deploying AI at this stage will reduce human error and ensure you take advantage of top talent hidden beneath the piles of applications.

An example of an AI-powered tool that can improve your seasonal recruitment process is resume screening software. 

Big Biller, for instance, is an applicant tracking system that offers this feature.

The system verifies educational background and eliminates resumes that don’t contain specific keywords used in the job applications. 

However, the recruitment process isn’t just about finding the right candidate. It also includes creating a team representing the company culture and values. Hence, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are part of the process.

Using AI in recruiting will help to eliminate potential human bias or discrimination and promote equity in the workplace. This will make hiring considerably fairer, as recruitment will be based solely on the merit of skills and experience. 

2. Communicates with Candidates

Effective communication is a crucial aspect of the recruitment process. It is essential for attracting top talent. Over 80% of candidates want continuous communication throughout the hiring process.

But, to be honest, keeping up with hundreds or thousands of candidates is a huge task, even for the best HR personnel. Enter AI.

Artificial intelligence can take away the headache of managing and communicating with large numbers of applicants. Seasonal hiring and AI go together. With AI, you can help your company stay in direct contact with every one of your job seekers during the peak season. 

Some examples of AI-powered tools you can use to communicate with candidates include:

AI Recruitment Chatbots

AI chatbots are equipped with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to provide real-time support and personalized assistance to candidates throughout recruitment. Unlike rules-based chatbots, they use AI to understand the user’s intent and respond appropriately. That’s why they sound more like humans.

These AI chatbots can ask pre-screening questions about potential employee experience and qualifications before the human review proper:

You can also use them to answer queries, schedule interviews, and provide status updates. Moreover, this level of communication can happen 24/7, so applicants in different time zones are catered to.

However, to ensure your AI-based recruitment chatbots are found and used effectively in the first place, leverage the fastest web hosting service available. This ensures your website loads quickly. If the site hosting your chatbots takes a lot of time to load, potential applicants might just become frustrated and leave. 

Automated Text or Email Delivery 

Through AI, you can automatically send text or email messages when applicants take specific actions. For instance, you can send potential candidates a confirmatory SMS or an email right after they submit their applications.

Automated messaging ensures candidates receive timely communication at every stage of the recruitment process.

It also helps minimize the administrative burden on hiring teams and helps prevent candidate drop-offs resulting from HR staff forgetting to send important recruitment-related messages.

Writing Assistant

This is another way to integrate seasonal hiring and AI technology. Writing assistants allow you to rapidly generate messages to send to potential candidates in the first place. You can use AI templates to create your follow-up text messages, personalized emails, and even your subject lines:

AI writing assistants like Writer can also help create messages for potential employees that are on-brand. 

For the best results, you can use content collaboration tools to ensure each message–whether generated by AI or HR staff—fits your own requirements. With these tools, you can easily give feedback on generated content you think requires a bit of polishing. You can also sign off on messages you think already meet company and personal standards.

3. Manages and Retrieves Previous Temporary Workers Data

Another way to quickly get ahead in the competitive market is to rehire temporary staff. This strategy eliminates the need to review hundreds of new resumes or communicate with a multitude of candidates.

With artificial intelligence, you can store massive volumes of employee data, including your previous temporary workers’ information. AI systems can classify and sort the data through machine learning algorithms, eliminating the need for manual labeling and tagging. The systems can categorize current and previous employees based on criteria such as role, experience level, among others.

But that’s not all. AI has also transformed records and information management (RIM) with its advanced data search and retrieval capabilities. Thanks to Natural Language Processing algorithms, AI systems can easily understand user queries, ensuring faster retrieval of relevant data from both structured and unstructured databases. 

With AI, all you’d need to do is type in the seasonal role you’d like to fill. In seconds, you’ll have a list of previous temporary workers you can contact to fill your seasonal vacancies.

4. Increases Accuracy of Hiring Decisions

AI-driven systems can improve the accuracy of your seasonal hiring decisions through predictive analytics. 

AI can analyze various data points such as resume, job performance metrics, and hiring outcomes to identify patterns and trends. Based on these insights derived from historical data, it creates models that can predict outcomes, including candidate success.

In other words, predictive analytics can help ensure you don’t waste your resources and time on applicants that won’t even make it through the end of your seasonal hiring process. It enhances the integrity and quality of your recruitment, as it uses data rather than human intuition to make choices. 


Believe it or not, seasonal hiring can be hassle-free. Thanks to AI, you no longer have to worry about the large volume of applications or how to keep candidates engaged. 

You can improve the efficiency of your seasonal hiring process with AI automating various stages of the recruitment process. At the same time, you can ensure the best hiring choices. Ultimately, with artificial intelligence, you can find the best temporary staff for your seasonal positions at the soonest possible time. 

Integrate seasonal hiring and AI and see your business thrive during the holiday season.

James Westfield is the Marketing Manager for Writer, an AI writing platform designed for teams. He has over 10 years of experience in the industry. When James isn’t in the office, you can find him on the golf course.

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