man sitting on hammock remote working

So many people have transitioned to working remotely, allowing them to be at home and still make a great wage. The challenge to remove work is creating a home office that allows you to separate yourself from the home when you need to. 

Here, we will share 14 innovative home office ideas to help you create a functional work space. 

1. Ergonomic Furniture

Invest in ergonomic furniture that provides appropriate support throughout the day. When you work long hours, you need adjustable positions and proper posture to avoid unnecessary strain. 

2. Dual Monitor Display

You may be able to improve your productivity rates by using dual monitors. Remote work often takes place on a small laptop or chrome book. Enhance your view with dual monitors or even just an ultra-wide display. 

3. Define Your Workspace

Find a way to set apart your workspace. You may not have a separate room to retreat to, but you could try something like a room divider or perhaps bathroom curtains for shower that are decorative and can be hung to create a work zone for you to close off when needed. 

4. Proper Lighting

Make sure your workspace has proper lighting. Using natural light is great if you can make it happen. Otherwise, ensure you have adjustable lights that will reduce eye strain and give you the visibility you need. 

5. Standing or Convertible Desk

If you want to avoid just lounging and sitting all the time, consider a standing or convertible desk. This will help keep you moving around and changing positions. Alternate from standing to sitting at certain intervals for the health benefits. 

6. Cable Management Organization

You can use cable management to reduce space and keep things organized. This is just a cable that you can connect clips things to. You can use them for décor or hanging notes and items to reduce clutter. 

7. Soundproofing

If you need to minimize your distractions, look into soundproofing options. Even greenery and plants help with this. Acoustic panels, rugs, and curtains can all help to absorb noise and create more quiet for you too. 

8. Mounted Monitor

To free up some space and give yourself flexibility, try mounting your monitor. This will allow you to get optimal viewing and make adjustments for your comfort too. An adjustable monitor arm is a great option for this. 

9. Add Greenery

Plants have tons of great benefits, including absorbing sound and reducing stress. Add some nice indoor plants to your office space. Choose something that is easy to take care of for the best results. 

10. Decorate Your Space

Create a space that feels personal to you. Add décor and elements that make you calm and happy in the workplace. From photos to décor to kids artwork, make this space your own. 

11. Mobile Workstation

You need a designated workspace, but sometimes mobility is necessary. Create a workstation that is mobile so you can adjust to different areas of your home if and when you need to. It’s great for flexibility! 

12. Task Board

Create a task board using a cork board or whiteboard. This can be put on the wall to reduce space. It helps you stay organized and manage your tasks and tasks. 

13. Technology Your Way

If you are going to work from home, choose technology you enjoy. You might consider a wireless mouse and keyboard or perhaps a USB hub that makes it easy to connect everything. What makes you comfortable and at ease with technology? 

14. Wellness Corner

A great thing to finalize your space is to add a wellness corner. You can have cushions, snacks, drinks, and more here. Make a dedicated space where you can step away to breathe and promote a work-life balance in the process.