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10 IT and Engineering Careers For Accountants to Consider

Accounting and engineering are two in-demand fields with plenty of job prospects, and IT is fairly easy for people to get into, especially on the customer service side. But if you’re looking for a promotion at work or you want to upgrade your skills, tech may be a great avenue for you.

With that said, it’s completely possible to find accounting jobs in tech with your current skills and qualifications. All businesses still need a bookkeeper, CPA, or a personal/business accountant.

10 Engineering or IT Careers Accountants Should Consider

Accountants may want to compare top CPA review courses if they’re interested in going up the financial ladder. But if they want to shift careers or work specifically in tech, they have options.

1. IT Consultant 

IT consultants work with clients to develop IT solutions that match their business needs. They provide expertise on system builds and maintenance, IT budgets, and create effective strategies for new IT systems. IT consultants need a high work ethic, and so do professional accountants.

2. Software Engineer 

Software engineers use coding languages such as Java, SQL, and Python to create computer software. They develop a complete range of software, from programs for electronic devices to enterprise software and databases. Accountants can complete boot camps to shift into this role.

3. Financial Systems Analyst

Financial systems analysts implement, configure, customize, and maintain systems that store and process financial data. Since accountants have a strong background in finance, they’ll be able to come up with creative solutions that support the business’s internal and external goals.

4. Payroll Implementation Consultant

Payroll implementation consultants help clients and businesses plan for, prepare, and clean payroll data before it migrates to a new system. They also work with project managers to consistently review processes. An accountant would have the necessary skills for this role.

5. Database Manager 

Database managers provide oversight and develop strategies to optimize databases. They ensure security, backup and restoration protocols, and control access permissions. An accountant could move into this role, but they need additional training and experience.

6. Cybersecurity Professional 

Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for analyzing cyber threats and developing strategies to protect a business’s systems and data from intrusion or compromise. Accountants typically have to manage tools that protect financial data, so they may fit well in this role.

7. Accounting Systems Administrator 

Accounting systems administrators are responsible for setting up, configuring, maintaining, and upgrading company systems, ensuring they are working properly and efficiently. They must update accounting policies and procedures and ensure the integrity of the general ledger.

8. Financial Business Analyst 

Business analysts are responsible for analyzing businesses and determining strategies and solutions to improve financial processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. They use analytics to identify patterns, trends, and relationships between different areas of a business. 

9. DevOps Engineer 

DevOps engineers bridge the gap between software developers and IT operations to ensure that systems, software, and services are reliable, available, and secure. Accountants need to learn key Web3 concepts, but that can be accomplished through a short boot camp course.

10. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Accountants that want to continue performing general accounting tasks can get their CPA certification and work for tech companies. Big tech companies are likely to hire CPAs, as they’re considered to be experts in their field. They often work with executives and CEOs on budgets.

In Conclusion…

No matter what IT and engineering career path you choose, accounting skills and knowledge are essential for a successful career. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and build an impressive professional profile, these 10 IT and engineering careers are worth exploring.

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