Recruiting Email Templates that win Candidates

Though global connectivity has made recruiters’ jobs easier, it has also made hiring great talent a bit more challenging than before. One of the downsides has been the expectation to get great hires within shorter time frames and with relatively leaner budgets. Therefore to continue hiring high-quality talent today you must use all the best […]

4 Key Cybersecurity Tips for IT Professionals in Engineering Fields

Cyber threats loom over every industry like storm clouds in a tempestuous sky, and engineering is no exception. IT professionals in this field grapple with safeguarding intricate systems and sensitive data from an unknowable mass of malicious forces, and since a single breach could cause catastrophic failures in projects and infrastructure that are both complex […]

5 Ways to Improve Employee Retention in Organizations

Employee turnover rates are forecast to be up to 75% higher than companies have previously expected. It’s also taking 18% longer to fill roles than before the COVID-19 pandemic.  This puts many business owners in a precarious position. Not only are many struggling to retain their staff, but they’re also struggling to replace them. However, […]

5 Onboarding Gift Ideas for New Employees

First impressions are important. When you hire an employee, you want them to believe your company is worthy of their time, dedication, and hard work. While many things can contribute to that impression, onboarding gifts can be a good start.  Onboarding gifts can contribute to a sense of belonging and value. If you need a […]

How Tech Innovations Are Changing Safety Protocols In Transportation?

Transportation tech is undergoing monumental changes each passing month, and with it, we are seeing a shift in various protocols pertaining to safety. From self-driving cars to smart traffic systems, the age-old systems are falling apart, or are no longer relevant, and in this article, we explore the systems and protocols that are replacing them. […]