Joining the Digital Workforce as an Older Employee

There’s no question that the digital revolution has transformed the world of work today, and that the COVID-19 pandemic only served to accelerate that change. Now, more than ever, workers are building long, satisfying, and highly successful careers from the comfort of their home offices. And because of the increasing prevalence of the virtual office […]

What is Data Interpretation? All You Need to Know

How valuable is data interpretation to your job? And how can you answer questions with statistics and facts? The ability to interpret data is critical in business and every other aspect of life. If you have that ability and can use it to understand what the data is telling you and what you should do […]

4 Burning Questions about the Future of Hybrid Work

As the Covid-19 health crisis finally came to the end, many business owners expected their employees to flock back to the offices, and resume working like before the health scare disrupted the workplace and the entire business world.  These expectations may seem unrealistic since the pandemic has changed the way people work and live forever, […]