9 Best Practices for Active Directory Security

Active Directory (AD) is a service by Microsoft Windows that lets IT administrators manage data, applications, users, and other network aspects of their organization. AD security is vital to safeguard company systems, user credentials, software applications, and sensitive data from unauthorized access. Active Directory’s security compromise can sabotage your identity management infrastructure’s integrity, resulting in […]

Data Analytics For SMEs: What Metrics Should You Be Paying Attention To?

As industries across the world continue experiencing rapid digital transformations, business owners need to ensure that they have as much information at their disposal as possible, both to guide their own development as well as improve on their products and services. Understanding how your business is performing, the impact your marketing efforts are having, the […]

How To Build A Happy And Collaborative Team

Building a happy and collaborative team is the first step toward the success of your business. Essentially, happy employees are satisfied employees, and they’re more productive in their daily tasks. According to a British telecommunications firm study, happy workers are 13% more productive than unhappy workers.  Collaboration also encourages problem-solving. Every collaborative team member has […]