8 Best Practices for Software Engineers

Software engineers (or developers) have become an integral part of the digital world. They create many solutions such as web applications, games, mobile or desktop apps, robots, networks systems, and operating systems. Anytime you use an internet-powered computer or phone or visit a webpage, you’re using the product of a software engineer’s work. Like any […]

9 Entry Level Cybersecurity Career Paths for IT Specialists

As the world turns almost entirely virtual, cybersecurity is becoming as important as physical security. This means the need for cybersecurity professionals is also increasing. A career in cybersecurity almost often begins with IT or computer-related skills and moves into different specialization directions. If you’re just starting in cybersecurity, there are many opportunities you can […]

Best Way to Assess Candidates’ Skill in a Technical Interview

The technical interview is unlike any other job interview in that it is a specialized, rigorous procedure that assesses coding ability, problem-solving abilities, and personality.  In contrast to other interviews, technical interviews include difficulties and assignments. They’re more akin to an exam than a standard question-and-answer session.  Like the saying “show, don’t tell,” candidates must […]