The Real Reasons Job Seekers Do Not Receive Feedback

A common criticism from interviewers is that they don’t receive any feedback following their interviews. Not so long ago, things were different. Giving applicants feedback and criticism has long been part of the usual procedure for interviews. The hiring manager or HR expert would be courteous in letting the applicants know what they did well […]

How to Verify Degrees and Protect Your Company From Resume Fraud

While resume fraud isn’t as common as it used to be, there are still thousands of candidates who either embellish on their resumes or lie about their credentials. According to Checkerster, 40% of candidates say they put a degree on their resume that they never actually obtained. Why Are Candidates Lying on Their Resumes? Candidates […]

Improve Your Business With These Useful Tips

Implementing changes and improvements to expand your business are substantial factors toward achieving your business goals and success. Reconcilable monitoring of cash flow, increasing your strengths, and applying innovative marketing strategies are all approaches that enable your business to steadily grow and achieve success. First off, start by creating a checklist of what areas you […]