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4 Highly Advised Strategies To Stop Distracted Driving Among Employees

Building a business and creating jobs for others is an extremely powerful and fulfilling thing for one to do. The excitement and anticipation of the workspace once a business is up and running and things are running smoothly, cannot be underestimated.

It is a powerful thing when people come together to do something great, change lives and everyone makes a good living. The power of entrepreneurship has changed the world and businesses these days are often seen as safe havens where people’s rights and interests are protected to the core.

However, having that amount of people together can really cause stress for the people in charge and they have a social responsibility to control their workforce and ensure that people are acting in the way they should.

At the end of the day when employees finish work and head home or leave the office, they are still representing that company and the people in charge will be keen to ensure that their behavior reflects what the company stands for.

So What Are 4 Highly Advised Strategies To Stop Distracted Driving Among Employees?

Maybe you are just starting to explore the options of the best ways to convey responsible driving to your employees or perhaps you are a little more experienced, either way, there are some core things you can focus on and build around which could really be useful and provide real value to your employees. 

1. Warn Them Of The Dangers Of Driving Whilst Distracted

Often people are best influenced when they have a cloud of fear over them and are informed about the dangers and perils of driving whilst distracted. We all have to take responsibility for our actions and when we are behind the wheel of a car, it is only us who are in charge and no one else.

Warning your employees about the dangers of driving whilst being distracted will:

  • Make people listen and become more mindful about their own actions
  • Remind them that other people’s safety and lives are at risk when driving on the roads and there are a huge amount of traffic accidents that happen because people are not switched on
  • Make them realize that there would be a huge void in their families lives if something were to happen to them
  • Hopefully, inform them how silly and stupid it would be for something tragic to happen for something like being distracted which could easily be avoided with a bit of discipline

2. Show Them Real Statistics Of What Could Happen

Sometimes it’s the hard facts of reality that can get people to change their behavior and start being more responsible on the roads.

Just because something hasn’t happened to you yet does not mean it won’t happen in the future if your concentration is slightly off one day, and distracted driving facts will do this job. Using statistics will really hit home because it’s real life and it might jolt employees into changing the way they drive.

3. Be Consistent With Your Messaging & Education

As with any company, it is important to educate your workforce on an ongoing basis, and doing group sessions will also help to build morale and that team mentality of we are all in this together.

Sometimes it takes a lesson from authority to make a real difference in the way that people think and essentially act. You could provide some important insights and teachings like:

  • Putting your phone away whilst driving, even when you are at a stop so you don’t become distracted and bring about potential harm to yourself and other drivers
  • Every action has a reaction and by being selfish and allowing yourself to become distracted whilst driving, you could affect others lives in a way that could never be undone 
  • Always make a full check before you start driving by taking a few seconds everything is in place and you are in the right place mentally to begin driving and give it your full focus

4. Bring In People With Real-Life Stories

The vast majority of people are highly empathetic and bringing in victims of dangerous driving could be a real trigger to those who need to change their ways. Hopefully providing some hard-hitting stories and real-life stories to your employees will really help switch your mindset into being more conscientious and kinder to other innocent people on the road.

Given how much people drive and especially a larger workforce who will be driving to work each day, you will be carrying out a social mission by educating employees on how to improve their driving and become more responsible. 

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