Your best and brightest employees can easily command the same dollar in a competitor’s company and there is a good chance staffing agencies for engineers are going after them. Skills are scarce, and employers are willing to pay for them. So while compensation and benefit inducements have historically proven powerful motivators, they are now merely requisites to getting skilled employees through the door. To truly excite and challenge knowledgeable workers, you must learn what makes them eager to go to work in the morning.

Be prepared with a plan for change.

When you’re looking to make a small change, it can often be done with only minor problems. But when change requires a major paradigm shift, it can cause a high degree of trauma – especially in an organizational setting. When you anticipate a major change in your organization be it an acquisition, change in management, or internal restructuring you must develop a plan to ensure good employees do not wind up “casualties of war.”


Don’t spend all your attention on preventing turnover. Rather, focus on improving the hiring process. This is based on the assumption that bad hires are the primary cause of turnover. In the long run, you’ll be ahead by developing a well-planned recruitment and selection process. It’s never a bad idea to reach out to some engineering staffing agencies to help in this process.


Results of a recent survey by the Council of Communication Management confirm what almost every manager already knows – recognition for a job well done is the top employee motivator. But, keep in mind what motivates one employee may not necessarily motivate another.


  • Call an employee into your office to thank him or her.
  • Coordinate a surprise celebration.
  • Give an outstanding employee a three-day weekend.
  • Send a birthday card to an employee at home.
  • Acknowledge an employee’s achievements by using their name on status reports.
  • Name a continuing recognition award after an outstanding employee.


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