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5 Onboarding Gift Ideas for New Employees

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First impressions are important. When you hire an employee, you want them to believe your company is worthy of their time, dedication, and hard work. While many things can contribute to that impression, onboarding gifts can be a good start. 

Onboarding gifts can contribute to a sense of belonging and value. If you need a helping hand coming up with the best onboarding gift ideas, you can find a few great suggestions below: 

Branded Company Merchandise

While you may need to calculate the average benefit cost for each employee to ensure you can stick to a budget, branded company merchandise is typically a cost-effective and well-received onboarding gift.

Branded water bottles, coffee mugs, notebooks, and pens are all practical and convenient for new employees. As they also have your business branding, they can foster a sense of belonging. New employees may feel like they’re already part of your team on their first day. 

Welcome Kits

Starting work for a new company can sometimes be overwhelming. Everything is new, including the building, the people you work with, and, often, the type of work. A welcome kit might be an ideal ice-breaker for your employee to break out of their shell.

These kits can have helpful items like company handbooks, building maps, and office supplies. You might even include a few snacks and treats to make them feel welcome and at ease. 

Tech Gadgets

Numerous gadgets make our everyday lives easier and our jobs much more profitable. If you’ve created a new position in your company, treat your new employee to the gadgets they could benefit from to make their jobs easier and more convenient.

Noise-canceling headphones in a busy open-plan office, a fast laptop for remote work, and a smartphone for working on the go are just a few of the many onboarding gifts you may consider. 

Online Courses and Training Resources

Learning and development can be integral to employee happiness. Employees want to feel like you value them enough to invest time and money into them and their skill sets. As a result, online courses and training resources can be great onboarding gifts.

When new employees start working with your company, they can immediately start refining and building on their skills. They benefit by feeling valued while you enjoy their new skills and experience. 

Subscription Services

It’s not just tangible items that new employees can appreciate during the onboarding phase. Non-tangible items like subscription services may also be well-received.

For example, you can give them a magazine subscription to an industry-related magazine or even a mindfulness meditation app subscription to help them feel less stressed in their new role. Free subscriptions can be both onboarding gifts and ongoing employee benefits

Onboarding is an integral part of the hiring process. It involves ensuring employees have everything they need to thrive in a new role. If you haven’t yet created a practical and attractive onboarding process with desirable gifts, now might be the right time to explore some of these options above.

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