It’s rare for people have the type of relationship with their boss where they can openly interview for a new job with their bosses blessing.  So when you’re ready to leave your current job, you will need to be stealthy until you’re ready to tell your boss that you are leaving.  Here are five ways to avoid being found out.


1. Avoid Posting on Social Media

It’s pretty much a no-brainer not to change your status on Facebook to “searching for work”, but did you know that you should turn off LinkedIn notifications as well.  Don’t alert your coworkers by polishing up your current job description, or posting a picture of your new interview suit on instagram.


2. Check Your Clothes

Speaking of not posting pictures of your new suit on social media, you need to be aware of looking too dressy in a casual work environment.  No one will believe that you dressed that nicely for your eye appointment earlier.  Don’t wear your interview clothes back into the office, if you do you will stand out; make sure to change back into your normal work wear.


3. Have your absences planned

Make sure you can cover your absence.  Most people use a sick day, doctor’s appointment, or personal emergency as an excuse to be absent when they get a last minute interview, and forget to allow for the possibility of a follow up interview a few days later.  Don’t forget to be vague about any illness and allow for a “follow up” appointment at a later date.


4. Don’t use your work computer/email

Have a few free minutes at work and want to check out that job posting boards? Stop right there.  If your boss has even the smallest inkling that you may be job shopping, they will check your internet browser history first.  Wait until you get home at night to check the job listings.  Similarly don’t use your work email to correspond with potential employers about job interviews or job postings.  If you need to respond to an email during the day make sure to use your personal phone to do so. It’s best to wait until you have a break so you can get away from your coworkers.  It does no good to use personal email and have someone walk up behind you and see what’s on your screen, always check your emails in private if possible.


5. Be Prepared on the Day of the Interview

Before leaving your house, make sure you have everything you need for the interview and your work day together.  This includes having a printed resume ready. Don’t print off resumes at work if possible as nothing gets you busted faster than someone else beating you to the printer and announcing to everyone that you’ve been printing out resumes looking for greener pastures.


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