When looking at resumes below are seven common mistakes we still see when reviewing hundreds of engineering and IT related resumes on a daily basis.


Omitting key software related experience

Don’t forget to list all the types of CAD systems such as SolidWorks, Civil 3D and AutoCAD, or programming languages such as C++, .Javascript, Python, Java, PHP and Ruby that you have experience with. Employers also prefer you list the systems/languages specific to each job you used them at and not just under a general skills section. If spent the last two years programming in C# at XYZ company make sure and list that under that specific company you worked for. Recruiters search resumes related to keywords so make sure their listed.

No Employment Dates

Not listing employment dates for each job on your resume sends up a red flag to recruiters and employers. Do not make this mistake.

Resume is too long

Having too long of a resume is still a problem we see daily. Make sure and keep your resume concise, listing the last 10-15 years of relevant employment experience. Employers and recruiters don’t have time to read a twenty page resume.

Bad contact information

Having Incorrect contact information is a huge mistake. You need to have the correct phone number listed on your resume. Make your you have a reliable email that is not from your cable company. We send emails daily to candidates about great job opportunities and find emails bouncing back all the time. Get a free email account from at and never miss out on that potential dream job again.

Typos/Grammatical errors on your resume

Amazingly we still see typos on resumes constantly. Don’t make this mistake as it shows a lack of paying attention to detail.

Lack of objective

Not including an objective on your resume can be a mistake. Make sure and state the type of job and company you are interested in working for and when submitting your resume to a specific job tailor the objective accordingly.

Using strange fonts or templates

When creating a resume, simple and clean is better. Make sure to avoid hard to read fonts and annoying resume templates.

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