Sourcing Technical Talent


With the current technical job market unemployment rate nearing 2.5% more and more companies are turning to technical staffing agencies to recruit hard to find talent. Below are the top 6 reasons to use a technical staffing firm.

1. With deep talent networks IT & Engineering staffing agencies can drastically reduce time-to-fill cycles, finding the top talent you need quickly.

2. If you have a critical project deadline to meet, a staffing agency can help you bring on a qualified contract engineer to finish the project on time.

3. Staffing agencies recruit active and passive candidates. They can help raise the quality of talent a company hires and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong candidate which wastes time and money.

4. By hiring contractors from a IT staffing firm you can reduce overhead and improve cash flow.

5. You can use an engineering staffing agency to make more informed hiring decisions by seeing what the talent pool provides. Making sure you are hiring the best candidate available.

6. Agency recruiters are constantly networking and developing relationships within technical recruiting fields having access to candidates with specialized skill sets in a variety of industries that are difficult to find.

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